German Poker Roveri Gang Caught

Berlin police reported that they have captured all four members of the gang that robbed the European Poker Tour event at the Grand Hyatt Berlin earlier this month. Last week police announced, one of the robbers handed over to the authorities. A few days later, another gang member, 20-year-old Ahmad el-Awayti, caught Danish Gambling metro station. The other two robbers Jihad Chetwie, 19, and Mustafa Ucarkus, 20, was arrested at Tegel airport.

Police at the airport conquered Chetwie, a German citizen of Turkish descent, when he debarked from a flight from Beirut, Lebanon. Ucarkus, a Turkish national living in Berlin, was also arrested after a round trip from his native Istanbul. A spokesman for German law enforcement authorities said the arrests represented a "great success" for their study daring daylight robbery at the no-limit Texas Holdem turneringen.Mistænkte is not believed to be part of a terrorist group. However received police investigators reportedly tip that an organized crime cartel consisting of Arab, Turkish citizens planned heist and forced the four young men to commit robbery. According to a report in a Sunday newspaper in Germany noticed the police suspected members of crime cartel in the Grand Hyatt on the day of the robbery at the hotel surveillance videos.

A fifth suspect, uncle of one of the robbers, also in custody. Police said the five suspects drove the car escape, a black Mercedes, and was allegedly one of the masterminds of the heist. The thieves escaped with € 242,000 (US $ 360,000), but the police have yet to find the missing cash. One of the suspects claimed that four of them split the money between them shortly after their escape, but did not reveal where the hidden in kontanter.Med several major poker tours around the world, including Casino Bonus Poker Circuit, World Poker Tour and PokerStars .net European Poker Tour, taking casinos that host these events extra precautions in light of robbery. A spokesman for the World Series of Poker, which starts in Las Vegas in May, has announced that the organizers will step up security in all areas affected by the events.

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